Keeping Your Garage Floor Shining: A Maintenance Rundown

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Houston’s hot, humid climate can take a toll on garage floors, making proper maintenance essential. The epoxy and polyaspartic coating system is perfect for this environment, and while the cleaning process is pretty easy it’s still important. Here’s some ideas for keeping your garage floor shining. What You Need Maintaining an epoxy and polyaspartic coating requires just a few basic ... Read More

How Does Epoxy Flooring Compare to Traditional Concrete?

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Epoxy flooring offers superior durability and resistance to moisture, chemicals, stains, and heavy traffic compared to traditional concrete. It requires less maintenance and is easier to clean. Additionally, epoxy flooring provides a more customizable and aesthetically pleasing finish in various colors and patterns. Traditional concrete, while strong, is prone to cracking and staining and needs regular sealing and maintenance to … Read More

Moisture Problems? Here’s How to Protect Your Garage Floor

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We all know Houston can get surprisingly humid, and moisture is a classic, unseen enemy for garage floors. While it might be easy to focus on the heat hanging in the air, the real challenge lies beneath the surface of your concrete. Proper concrete preparation and moisture assessment are essential steps before applying any garage floor coating. Unfortunately, these steps ... Read More