What is so innovative about our Garage Floor Coating?

What is so innovative about our garage floor coatings? Garage Floor Coatings of Houston is an independent, privately owned dealership. We use high-quality Eco-Corflex brand concrete coatings and installation techniques developed by GarageFloorCoating.com. In 1996, GarageFloorCoating.com revolutionized the garage floor coating industry by developing quality, industrial-grade concrete coatings and perfecting an innovative coating process. The products and installation techniques set the industry standard. We continue to update our cutting edge coating products and installation techniques and remain the benchmark against which all other garage floor coating companies are measured.

We are not a low quality “1-day polyurea” or “1-day polyaspartic” coating company. We use our moisture-mitigating, concrete-penetrating epoxy as the primer coat and save the polyurea-polyaspartics as the top coat…as all professional installers do.